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A New Take on a Timeless Look

For centuries, marble has stood the test of time.  It has been used for some of the most beautiful and historically significant works of architecture in the history of mankind...
Now, you can harness that beauty, quite literally in the palm of your hand with our JUST RELEASED 20oz. Marble Skinny Steel Tumbler.
Enjoy the look of elegant, timeless marble and the quality of our stainless steel tumblers that will never go out of style.  At Ice Shaker, versatility is our middle name!  Enjoy both HOT and COLD beverages for hours on end in these tumblers.
Now featuring a durable, push-down slider lid to reduce spillage and keep debris out of your drink and reusable Tritan straw to ensure that perfect sip every time!
Our 20oz. tumblers ARE dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly.
20oz. Marble Skinny Steel Tumbler

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