26oz Sport Bottle

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Ice Shaker's® 26oz. Sport Bottle is a high-quality, insulated, kitchen-grade stainless steel cup that's perfectly sized and made for on-the-go travel. Made from premium, kitchen-grade stainless steel, the 26oz. Stainless Steel Bottle will not absorb odors and is double wall vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold for up to 30 hours and prevent condensation from building up on the outside of the bottle. The twist-on, 100% leak-proof lid comes with a Flip Up Sport Straw with an internal straw that makes it very easy to sip your drink. The snap-down handle on the leak-proof lid makes this bottle easy to carry to and from school, work, games, errands, the gym, and more! For easy measuring, the 26oz. Sport Bottle is equipped with internal 5oz, 10oz, 15oz, and 20oz. measurement lines so that you can add the perfect amount of liquid to mix up any tasty concoction! The silicone base of the cup prevents it from sliding, chipping, and makes it less noisy when setting it down and is also designed to fit in all standard size cup holders so that you can take your 26oz. Sport Bottle anywhere you go! Available in a variety of colors and patterns, the 26oz. Sport Bottle is perfect for water, juices, sport drinks, iced teas, cocktails, wines, and more! Keep your favorite drink ice-cold all day with the Ice Shaker 26oz. Sport Bottle.


  • Keeps drinks cold for up to 30 hours
  • Perfectly sized for and made for on-the-go travel
  • Kitchen-grade stainless steel bottle will not absorb odors
  • Twist-on, 100% leak-proof lid with snap down handle
  • Internal 5oz, 10oz, 15oz, and 20oz. measurement lines
  • Flip up sport straw easy to drink from
  • Fits in all standard size cup holders
  • Holds up to 26oz. of fluid
  • Silicone base
  • Sweat proof

Product Features

Holds 26oz of

Holds Ice for
30+ Hours

Spill Proof
Secure Lid

Sport Straw

Put a Lid On The Competition

Made for the heat of competition. When the game is on the line and convenient hydration is a necessity, you can count on the 26oz Sport Bottle. Perfect for athletes of all ages. When the heat is on, cool down with Ice Shaker.

Flip-Up Sport Straw
Low Profile Design
Flip Up Carry Handle
Easy to Clean
Spill / Leak Proof
BPA Free

Quality Constructed

Constructed with kitchen-grade stainless steel, and double wall vacuum insulated, our 26oz Ice Shaker will hold ice for 30+ hours, won't sweat, and does not absorb odor.

Take It Anywhere

The 26oz Sport Bottle has a tapered design that allows it to fit into any standard sized cup holder. Carry with confidence using the flip-up carry handle. Take your favorite beverage on the go and keep it cold for hours!

Drinking Enough Water?

Equipped with internal measurement markers, our Sport Bottle makes it easy for you to track exactly how much water you're drinking. The removable internal straw makes sipping a breeze and cleaning just as easy.

Soft Landing

Features a removable silicone base to keep your bottle in place, protect the bottom of your bottle, and prevent damage to any surfaces you set your bottle on.

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