Ro Knows Custom Ice Shaker Bottles

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Style: 20oz Speaker Bottle
Color: Black


About the 20oz Speaker Bottle

Show up to the party in style with Ice Shaker's 20oz Speaker Bottle! Ice Shaker & Bumpboxx have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind speaker bottle that will play your tunes and keep your beverage ice-cold for hours! 

Made from high-quality, kitchen-grade stainless steel, the Speaker Bottle holds up to 20oz. with internal measurement lines on the inside of the cup and is double wall vacuum insulated to prevent your bottle from sweating. The twist-on, leak-proof lid features a patented agitator that ensures a perfectly blended drink every time, has a handle built into the lid for easy carrying, and has a pop-top drink spout that's easy to drink from. 

When you're ready to play your tunes, simply pair your phone to your water-resistant Bumpboxx Bluetooth 5.0 and enjoy! When fully charged, the Bumpboxx speaker will play for 6+ hours with a 20-foot range and also lights up when music is playing. For added convenience, the Bumpboxx twists on and off the bottom of the insulated bottle so that you can continue to use your cup if your speaker is charging. A twist-on storage container also comes with the Speaker Bottle, so that you can take your serving of protein powder with you on-the-go. Get the cup of the summer with Ice Shaker's Speaker Bottle!

Ice Shaker CEO, Chris Gronkowski introduces the Ice Shaker Speaker Bottle!

an image of the White 20oz Speaker Bottle being held by two hands. One hand is pressing the power button on the Bumpboxx Speaker that's twists on the bottom of the 20oz Speaker Bottle. There is a pool in the background of the image.

Water Resistant

Whether you're chillin by the pool or getting in a sweat session at the gym, the Bumpboxx Speaker is water-resistant so you can take your Speaker Bottle anywhere you go!

A close up image of the Noise-Free Patented Agitator Lid Combo. The agitator can be twisted on and off the bottom of the lid.

Noise-Free Agitator

The patented twist-on Shaker Lid features our twist-on agitator that ensures a perfectly blended drink every time. The Pop Top drink spout is 100% leak-proof while the internal 5oz, 10oz, & 15oz measurement lines make it easy to keep track of your water intake.

An image of the Black 20oz Speaker Bottle being paired by Bluetooth to a iPhone. On the Iphone, it is playing the Outside the Tank podcast.

Bumpboxx Speaker

Simply pair your phone to the removable Bumpboxx 5.0 Bluetooth Speaker and enjoy your podcast or tunes anywhere you go! When the battery gets low, simply twist the Bumpboxx Speaker off to charge and continue using your Shaker Bottle!